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European datacenter and WAN communications infrastructure and services design, installed and supported using our in-house enginneering and support teams.

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DEFAULTROUTE demonstrates network insight with proactive monitoring and alerting
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Using only Juniper, Cisco, Palo Alto and Opengear network hardware with HP compute/storage
The datacenter is a well known and understood requirement for the contemporary data driven company. Defaultroute has invested in space at four Tier-3 datacenter in Europe. At each DC we have developed our platform using Cisco, Juniper and Palo Alto hardware.
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Operating from our own PoPs allows us to control and secure the end-to-end data transit and storage for our customers. If you needed data storage, security, MPLS or just plain Internet (IPv4 and IPv6) we have capacity for your hardware and service requirements.
The reliable transit of data is a key requirement for any serious network data client. We’ve invested heavily into providing for reliability at each of our PoP’s. With an N+2 service provision to core IP transit we enjoy the highest availability and uptime which we pass on to our clients.
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Check out our BGP looking glass tools for a closer view of our routing capability. As well as peering with three of the top 5 global Tier-1 ISP’s we are also LINX members in the London exchange.
With a completely un-contended service the Defaultroute IP transit backbone can deliver high capacity and low latency reliable Internet and Private MPLS transit to our customers.
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Full Cisco CallManager UCCX Backend
Defaultroute has a VoIP system offering a reliable and capable platform for our business customers. We only chose Tier-1 upstream VoIP providers and now offer our customers the highest levels of uptime and availability with low call costs. We support call centres making 200k calls a month and SME’s making dozens of calls a day but the service they use is the same.
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We are delivering the same quality product over the same un-contended quality platform. At the core of the service is a fully redundant Cisco CallManager platform running on the latest UCS servers. The peering is done using Cisco CUBE and we also support Asterisk and SIP based trunking. Realtime billing reporting is available as well as monthly billing and service pre-payment.
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We only use Cisco and HP hardware in our network to support the voice operations. Cisco CUBE and UCCX working alongside our in-house SIP based environment.
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The Story
Formed in 2011 as a community network. Grown and improved capacity across UK. Scaled out to Europe. Jumped into Middle East. Our growth is based upon proven technology, delivery and expertise.