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Defaultroute as an ISP and service integration provider was formed in 2011. Originally built as a startup incubator with focus on data infrastructure and voice services. By supporting SME and enthusiast startup projects we grew our reputation for good standards and strong business support ethics.
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In 2013 we expanded our datacenter presence in Manchester as well as adding a new facility in Docklands London, UK. In 2014 we identified a requirement to peer with our customers directly in a more appropriate exchange situation. With further growth at London at Telehouse North and IP House we joined the London Internet Exchange in 2015.
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In March 2016 we began operating a field base NWW of Basra, Iraq. Doing so was strategic to better support our customers in the energy and oil field services sector.
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UK Office:
The Fort Offices
Artillery Business Park
SY11 4AD
Tel: 0161 2414600
The Story
Formed in 2011 as a community network. Grown and improved capacity across UK. Scaled out to Europe. Jumped into Middle East. Our growth is based upon proven technology, delivery and expertise.