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empowered communications

Delivering integrated “cloud-ready” unified data networks across Europe, Africa and the Middle East

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Data Networks built by experts
We’re an Internet Service Provider and Service Integrator. Since 2011 we’ve created and deployed IP networks across 6 countries and two continents. With operations in Iraq, the UAE, Germany, Greece and the UK we have peering with 4 of the global top 5 ISPs and IXPs.
Zero Contention Network
As an operator we never wanted to hear about contention, throttling, caching or whatever. If our client contracts to receive 100Mbps then they receive 100Mbps. There are no ratios, there are no brown outs. We operate a zero contention bandwidth policy. Period.
Iraq Satellite and Fiber Hybrid
We have years of experience deploying VSAT and Fibre services to energy customers. We have developed our hybrid product ‘FlexWAN’ to highly integrate terrestrial and satellite data carriers. Defaultroute are an authorised O3b partner in Iraq.
We move IP data traffic across the worlds finest infrastructure and Tier-1 backbones between 2 continents. Our customers include those from FTSE100, Fortune 500, and military sectors as well as niche independent entrepreneurs.

Unlike some of our competitors we operate everything in-house and manage everything end-to-end fro the design to the install and support. We do this because we need our clients to ‘trust’ that their data remains their data.

As only one of a handful of trusted operators integrating in the fibre and VSAT space we believe we are offering significant business benefit to an industry requiring the highest service levels.
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Fibre, VSAT and O3b WAN communications service integrator
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Subject matter experts across our platform of service delivery.
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Vendor agnostic solutions with best in breed product.
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Fully managed and monitored Service Level Agreements
Vendors used in our network(s) include only those from the sector leading Gartner top right. Cisco, Juniper, HP, Palo Alto etc. We use only Tier-1 ISP’s in our Internet upstream and participate in two IXPs in the UK.
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Iraq to Europe in…

Working with our local partners we develop and integrate discrete WAN technologies. This technology synergy introduces benefits including:
  • Active / Active deployments to make use of otherwise ‘backup’ circuits
  • Service recovery using fast failover reduces downtime
  • High service level guarantees, remote monitoring and service management
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Tel: +44 (0)161 2414600
Dubai Office:
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The Story
Formed in 2011 as a community network for IT startups and now powering enterprise WAN projects across two continents.